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cour_de_leon [userpic]
The Third Gate - The Halls of Knowledge
by cour_de_leon (cour_de_leon)
at September 13th, 2008 (12:23 am)

All the lessons of history in four sentences:
Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad with power.
The mills of God grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly small.
The bee fertilizes the flower it robs.
When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. - Charles A. Beard

Through the black doors, there lies a hall of marbled stone, inlayed with lighter stone. Row after row, isle after isle of bookcases line the hall on either side, through the whole alphabit and even more upon the second story of this enormous room that seems to go on for miles in either direction, further up are more books. In total the room height is around 60 feet from floor to arched ceiling. Columns of marble support the delicate arches of the midevial ceiling, as carved animals stare down with empty eyes at the small party below. The air is stale here, musty smelling, similar to the odor you get from visiting a very old house that has been not aired out in a while. The books have ancient bindings of leather and upon the spines the titles are finely wrought in gold. Long tables can be seen running lengthwise down the halls lit by covered candles, the wax melting spilling onto the wooden surfaces and to the floor. All around are sculptures of long dead human poets, scholars, philosophers, and thinkers. Their white marble busts sit with prominance at the end of each bookcase just under the golden letter indicating the books to be found within.

The floor is coated with a fine layer of dust, in which some foot prints of a strange nature can be seen. Upon further investigation one can see a form sitting curled upon a makeshift throne like chair, its large black wings cover its head as two large lion paws and lion tail can be seen just under them, sticking out as the bulk of it's body rests on the cushon of the throne. Folded neatly one over the other, are two eagle like taloned hands, resting on the left arm of the chair. The body of the creature moves up and down steadily it's breathing can be heard as it clearly appears to be sleeping.

Behind this creature is a door.

Gehenna - A new challenger has appeared!
by alpha_lupe (alpha_lupe)
at September 2nd, 2008 (06:45 am)
current mood: determined

First Precept of the Wolfpack:
Never kill when you can lame,
never lame when you can hurt,
never hurt when you can hold,
never hold when you can talk.
In all things, work to heal.

Deep in the caverns under the lands of the Wolfpack, at a fall back position that had not yet been breached, a fire crackled without smoke. Around the fire sat the finest warriors of the Wolfpack - bruised, battered, and bloodied, but unbroken, they ringed around the ancient ceremony. In the center sat an older wolf, her black hair streaked with grey, wearing a blue tunic. She stared into the fire, trying to clear her mind, to free it of all the worries she had accumulated.

She was Lupe, leader of the Wolfpack, and it was her job to figure this out, though she wasn't sure how she would. The swatbots had broken further into the tunnels than ever before, strange swatbots that were not of the normal design. Dire omens blew in on the winds, and the weather itself felt strange, forced, twisted by some powerful energy. The warriors of the Wolfpack were being forced back ... and that didn't even count what dire news the scouts had brought back of the eastern forest, by the lightning mist. It couldn't be true. It was too monstrous.

The deep, otherworldly moan of the huge howlihoo horns sounded from deeper into the caves, the echoes and other tricks of the cave further confusing the noise and making it seem all the more unreal. Quiet chanting sounded from the ring of warriors around her. She was no geomancer, no Speaker to the Land, but they had none left, not here, and need might bring them forth. They had to - there was no time, no other way. And the first Speakers had to find it somehow.

A liquid was sprinkled over the fire, and its sweet scent lifted through the cave. The far-off horns melded with the rhythmic chant, till Lupe started feeling lightheaded. The ritual wasn't working, this was just going to give her hallucinations ...

Then they came. They were not ghosts, as she had expected, nor voice, but instead they were impressions. Flashes of vision, faint noises echoing in her mind, they came to her in a rush, a flash, throwing her back from the flames with her eyes wide.

"What is it?" a voice was asking. "What is it?"

Princess Sally, and some of her friends. Flashes of a beast, a fight. A guide. A threat. Rubble. Architecture. The Great Unknown. Blowing dust. Blood.

It was a city, a city so ancient she wasn't sure how to express it. A city with a horrible, gnarled little man in the middle, and in his hand, behind it all, a darkness so profound that it was just an omission in the vision.

"I have to go," she responded, sitting up. Her warriors surrounded her with worry. "The Princess is in danger. The Land spoke - something has come to Her, and disrupts the Land's sleep, so that even I can hear Her." As the warriors started readily picking up their weapons, she waved her hand in dismissal. "No, only I will go. The rest of you are needed."

They looked at each other, concerned, but then back to her, trusting faces, eyes without fear. They were her pack, and she was so proud of them at that moment. "Activate all the traps, and make more. No more is there such a thing as a safe tunnel. Retire to the land of the hot geysers, where the swatbots can't use their thermal scanners. I'll find you there when I've found out what the Land needs of me."

She was to her feet. She didn't need much - two or three days' rations, and a satchel of the homemade bombs they used as a weapon against the swatbots. No more of the rites and rituals for her - now she was to something she knew well. Tracking. Hunting. Fighting. Princess Sally and the Land needed her, and no one knew the Great Unknown like the Wolfpack.

(( OOC
(( I assume that I need to get to where they are with a bit of
(( challenge to it. No one else got to approach the city
(( uncontested. If that's incorrect, let me know and I'll
(( repost this as a reply, and just have Lupe show up with Sally
(( and Antoine. Either that, or find out what happened to Bunny.
(( Guide me to the best place!

cour_de_leon [userpic]
The Second Gate - The Court of the Dreaming
by cour_de_leon (cour_de_leon)
at August 27th, 2008 (11:47 pm)

In life, many thoughts are born in the course of a moment, an hour, a day. Some are dreams, some visions. Often, we are unable to distinguish between them. To some, they are the same; however, not all dreams are visions. Much energy is lost in fanciful dreams that never bear fruit. How could a vision ever be given to someone to harbor if that person could not be trusted to carry it out. The message is simple: commitment precedes vision. - High Eagle

Up through marbled steps and into a garden, beautiful beyond belief. The Court of Dreams. All around the grass is soft, there are beautiful scuptures of dreaming Mobians, angelic Mobians, marble benches and gazebos of marble and white delicately wroght metalwork. Climbing the terraces and through the gardens are roses, sweetly perfumed jasmine, and lavender. The air is heavy with the scent of flowers. It is much cooler here, fresh, comfortable. On the benches are pillows of fine satin, and gorgeous linen. Banners of fine silk flutter in the gentle breeze their hues all the colors of the rainbow. A clear stream fed by a fountain bubbling up from an underground spring runs through the length of the garden and within it, are koi fish that swim and circle around, the stream empties into a large deep pool that never seems to fill rather it seems to be an endless depth.

Nearby, under a grove of citrus trees, is a long banquet table filled with food. Anything and everything the heart could desire is there. It seems to have just been laid out, the food is so fresh the aroma is intoxicating. Near the great table is another table filled with desserts, and another filled with various drinks.

A voice sweetly sings to the party..

"Far from day, far from night,
Out of time, out of sight,
In between earth and sea,
We shall fly; follow me.
Dry the rain, warm the snow;
Where the winds never go
Follow me, follow me, follow me
To a cave by a sapphire shore
Where we'll walk through an emerald door,
And for thousands of breathless evermores my life you shall be.
Only you, only I,
World farewell, world goodbye.
To our home 'neath the sea
We shall fly; follow me.
Follow me, follow me, follow me."

cour_de_leon [userpic]
The Outer Gates of Gehenna
by cour_de_leon (cour_de_leon)
at August 12th, 2008 (11:53 pm)

Give sorrow words;
the grief that does not speak
Whispers the o'er-fraught heart
and bids it break. - William Shakespeare

Gehenna was made up of several rings of areas, ascending a large hill at the very top was the citidel. A towering fortress crowned by a great temple to a long forgotten religion. The further up one travelled through the city, the stranger the areas became, the more macrabe the buildings and the allys twisted and turned in a maze that wove through the great city linking everything together, yet enabling even the stoutest of travellers to get throughly lost.

Maps were no use, for there was a certain magic within Gehenna that made the streets change and move, perhaps it was in the air. As streets certainly don't "move" but one can become more and more disorientated the further in one goes. Even with a guide it is a miracle to even make it to the citidel.

The furthest court is the court of Memory. Here one may find oneself lost in memories of things and people that have gone past. Shadows of those that went before tend to haunt this place. Often seen leading unwary visitors through a maze of streets ending in a grisly finish.

The further in one goes the courts change the first is the court of Memories, the second The court of Dreams, the third The Court of Fate, the fourth Court of Wailing, the final The vision of the Abyss, then through the great gates towards the temple of Moloch and Chemosh where the terrible Ixus sits dreaming.


The city was quiet, almost serene in a sense. Although, the tall strange smooth buildings of black stone surrounded them, there was something else there. Even the darkness was unable to touch it. It moved through the shadows as a candle in the night. It's light burning away the fabric of darkness to reveal truth. It was a whisper on the wind, a voice long forgotten, a happy song remembered of days gone by.

It was here, there, and everywhere... it was gone then appeared again. Even the carven images upon the walls of the city did not seem to daunt it. It was a secret that they could never understand. A long forgotten secret, that was about to be revealed once more to a new kingdom, a secret of great power, and of hope.

Yet, even though this faint glimmer of white flicked through the corner of ones eye, if one tuned and looked they would only be face to face with the grotesque and morbid images of Gehenna, the City of the Dead, the Bone Kingdom, the Forbidden Place. Strange demons leered down from their lofty perches, snarling with gaping jaws whilst others showed images of torture, execution, and offerings to these horrible idols.

"Sally...Sally.. Sally! Listen to me Sally... you must press forward but with caution, I will guide you to safety." A voice whispered in Sally's ear, it was a familar voice to be sure.

The path before them split in two, one leading further into the depths of the city, towards the towering citadel, the other leading around through the ruins of the former town.

"Sally, you must find the house marked with the six pointed star, there you will be safe... until the night passes.."

cour_de_leon [userpic]
The Sleeping Giant
by cour_de_leon (cour_de_leon)
at July 30th, 2008 (05:20 pm)

Within the ancient ruins,
beyond the marble halls
through the colour'd glass
up the stony wall

Lies the sleeping
dreaming giant
of ages long before
waiting to be awaken'd

To bring nightmares
to this terrestial shore
where sleep ends
and horror begins

Don't say Nevermore.

 - Call of Ixus

Ixus Naugus was free, seizing the shards his eyes twinkled with delight.  Soon, soon his master would awaken.  Soon he would be raised upon high and order restored to Moebus.  Soon he would remind that petty King that the Overlanders were wrong all along.   Soon, this world would belong to Ixus Naugus..

No, too proud... Ixus.. the world belongs to Ixus as it always has.  Ixus is the world the world is Ixus.  All in one, One in all. Ixus will bring justice, Ixus will bring punishment.  Ixus will reward the faithful and devour the faithless.  Ixus the accuser, Ixus the judge, Ixus the executioner.  Ixus will judge this world and those within it. Ixus will bring forth change and his words will bring peace once more to Moebus.  All hail Ixus.

Naugus was trembling as the voice spoke to him, even as his lips moved, the words were not his own thoughts, but those of the one controlling his mind.  Reinforcing the hate and anger from his past and providing a sense of perverse justice where the scales would be weighted depending on willful the offender was.  Innocence was all relative in the eyes of Ixus. 

Nagus made his way through the vaults of the great barren city of Gehenna.  He eventually arrived at the entrance to a temple, the doors had originally been sealed but there were clear markings around them that showed that the seals were broken.  Nagus peered inside, and casting a trap detection spell he found that all the traps were either broken or had been sprung ages ago.  Nagus stepped through the entrance and made his way through the temple.

The temple itself was rectangular in shape with smooth onyx walls onwhich were macrabe sculptures of various ancient dieties some with the heads of bulls whilst others the heads of jackles and still others unrecognisable.  Around the sculptures were vast amounts of information carved into the walls in cuniform style.  The sculptures themselves were as tall as the room itself which was around 4 stories.  Their eyes glistened and looked alive as rare jewels had been placed in them.  Some of the eyes were missing obviously plundered by theives who dared to risk the traps and spells to make a fortune.  Still, that was not why Ixus Naugus was there.

Naugus walked down the length of the main chamber until he reached the dias, there upon it was a throne and a black alter of onyx and marble.  He walked past the alter and behind the throne.  There upon the wall was an inscription.  Ixus read it, then placing his hand on the center of the writing the wall disappeared to reveal another staircase this time leading up.  Ixus followed the narrow winding steps higher and higher until he reached another room.  This was different from the last.  It seemed to be upon the top of a mountain.  Around one could see the entire city and vally stretched out before him.  He then turned and placed the crystal within a carved hand of a statue.  It's form was horrible to behold, neither Mobian, nor human.  Its form was somewhat reptilian with large rounded scaley arms and legs each bearing a full set of large claws shaped like wedges, it was rotund in appearance and upon it's back were two wings folded  without feathers but of the leathery type similar to a bats, the wings also bearing talons of sort.  It's head was the strangest of all, long tenticles hung about the front of it forming a type of beard, whilst its eyes stared from ebony sockets emotionless yet cunning.  The top of it's head was like that of an octopus yet fringed with plates of what appeared to be boney spines seen on lobsters or crabs.  Upon the throne on which this idol sat was carved a name,

"The Dreaded IXUS"

Nagus watched as the crystal glowed brightly, then he turned around.  The entire city seemed to hum as if powered by some unknown generator.  The ground shook as more buildings rose from the wasteland.  Soon, the city started to change form until it was hardly recogniseable.  It gleamed it's black buldings once more absorbing the light.  Naugus started to chant the incantation.  Lost in a trance his mind called out to those who wished to listen.  It wouldn't be long before the ones who hear the call of Ixus would come.  It wouldn't be long before Ixus would rise.

The pieces were in place, the traps were set.

Now the game had begun.

Little did he have in mind that a floating island would soon crash into his world.  Little did he care either.

cour_de_leon [userpic]
Lost Souls Chapter 2 Dreams of our Fathers.
by cour_de_leon (cour_de_leon)
at June 12th, 2008 (09:24 pm)

"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both." - Niccolo Machiavelli

In my darkness, I dwelt alone.
In the abyss I lay dreaming. 
Until those who heard my call would awaken me,
and I would return to bring my wrath upon the world.
- Call of the Cult of Ixus.

The silence of the ruined city of Gehenna was deafing.  All around one could see strange oblisks rise from the ground made of what appeared to be solid onyx.  They didn't reflect the heat of the sun rather it appeared as if they absorbed light.  Within the circle of oblisks were the strange and macrabe ruins of the buildings.  The most dominant was that of the temple to the great war gods Moloch and Chemosh.  Now crumbling and weathered by the sands of time. Empty and shadows of their former glory they stand as reminders of a civilisation long forgotten.

In this inhospitable land, the ground was saturated by the fall out of the great wars, where human and mobian used unspeakable weapons against each other, nothing grew.  All that was left was sand and radiation.  Humans knew this land and called it the "Great Unknown" as no one who explored there ever returned to tell the tale.  Although, many had tried, many more failed and thus this realm remained uncharted.  Still, on the surface, it was of little interest to Ivo Robotnik.  Although, his creations could survive out in the heat and elements... they were contaminated and had to be destroyed after what information they could gather was uploaded onto the mainframe system in Robotropolis.  However, as costly as this exercise was Robotnik did discover the ruins of the great fallen city of Gehenna. 

Within the crumbling walls, its secrets were kept there from the dawn of time.  Horrible secrets of great abominations done in the name of progress, justified by those who sought to control the world.  Hungry for more information Robotnik spent much of his time collecting data about the people that lived, worshipped, and existed there.  He scoured the ancient walls via robotic links seaching for clues. Hired a special team of interpreters to decipher the cuniform messages etched in the clay stones surrounding the grotesque and disturbing images of Moloch and Chemosh.  As corrupt as Robotnik was, it would be interesting to note, that the project was disbanded after he discovered the truth behind the city.   What he found there caused him to shut down the operation within 24 hours, and lock the knowledge away in a file encrypted and coded, to which only he knew the password. 

Yet the dreaming one still slumbers waiting for another to call it forth. 

Once one did try.  A great beast from ancient times believed that he could become a god.  He was part of three... and one was born from them.  Known only as the wandering magician Mammoth Moghul held sway over the common people of Mobius.  Benevelont at first, his true colours were revealed when consumed by the power of the chaos emerald he raised himself up to become a god.  But even the call of the great Ixus silences when those who serve become too ambitious.  Ixus left Moghul and he was cut down.  However, the student of Moghul was of use to Ixus.  It spoke to Naugus, in sweet tones, giving the creature dreams and visions.  It made Naugus a great prophet and friend to the King Frederick Acorn, advising him and guiding his judgement regarding the Overlander oppression.

Naugus seemed to have a natural gift, and could detect a lie from the truth.  Fredrick found himself listening more and more to the sage until an Overlander by the name of Nate Morgan came along.  Nate seeing how Nagus controlled the mind of the King called him a liar.  The King banished Nagus from his court... never to be seen again.

Bitterness and rage filled Naugus'  heart, and as he dwelled on devising a way to get rid of the Overlander and reinstate himself as cheif advisor the voice of Ixus spoke to him.  In the proceeding years, Naugus did manage to regain the King's confidence.  He had Nate Morgan banished from the lands and ruled over the King with an iron fist.  Reminding the vulnerable ruler that it was the Overlanders who murdered his brother by bringing their weapons into the peaceful Mobian lands.  Naugus was convincing enough.  So much so that  the King threw aside the old treaties set forth by his forefathers and consigned new ones stating that under no circumstance should Mobian and Overlander have anything to do with another upon the pain of death.

Thus sealed the fate of Nate Morgan.

Years passed and a new successor rose to the throne.  A young inexperienced King Maximillian finished the war his grandfather and father began so many years ago.  He created peace treaties and appointed the rescued Dr. Ivo Kintobor as cheif of science to serve with Julian Hedgehog.  His time was a time of unstable peace.  With the rise of Ivo Kintobor, Naugus was expelled to the Void of Silence for treason against the King.  Even then after the initial threat seemed gone, so many whispers and concerend voices echoed in the young King's head.  Fearing the worst he sent his wife and son to the southern hemisphere in the hope that they would find shelter there if his nightmares were to come true. 

They did come true.

 In a matter 48 hours, his world was torn asunder ,and he too, was thrown into the Void.  His body ravaged by the elements, his lifesource slowly drained from him until all he could do was to dream of being alive. 

For the dreams of the Void are far better than the reality.

Naugus grew frustrated dwelling in the limbo of the Void. He longed to be set free again. To once more call forth the sleeping demons Chemosh and Moloch, and defeat Mammoth Moghul sending him into the Abyss for all eternity. To bring the order of Ixus once more into the world. That was his dream.  He had stepped on the edge of the pit of flames and saw within the eyes of the great sleeping Ixus.  He saw the horrible yet astounding power that was only given to the Chosen Ones.  He heard the call and answered it.  Now he waits, but his patience had grown thin. 

The explosion rocked the earth and from the smouldering ashes the voice of Ixus spoke to Naugus. 

Go now.  Your time has come.  Wake me from my slumber. I send you to bring my followers to me.  We dream to wake, and in waking lead others to the dream, the spiral dance goes onward and all who live within will be free. 

Naugus, seeing the fabric of the worlds run thin, jumped through.  At once, he was filled with an incredible power, like none he had ever experienced before under the training of Mammoth Moghul.  This power was new... it was deeper... and he knew what it was for.  Crawling from the debris, his eyes glowed menacingly. 

Mobius was his playground now, and all of it's inhabitants, pieces of the game.

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